Natural and organic ingredients and antioxidants...The science of self tanner
All Famous Dave's products are formulated, manufactured, and packaged in the USA with the highest standards.
Almost every self tanner on the market today has at least one of these ingredients: Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, and/or Mineral Oil. All these ingredients have high pH levels of over 6!  What does this mean? A pH of over 6 is the COLOR ORANGE. Famous Dave's Self Tanner does not contain any of these ingredients, yet gives you the most natural, beautiful, and soft self tan money can buy.  Even if you don't use Famous Dave's Self Tanner, the pH measurement is the single factor that determines whether you turn orange or brown.  So check those labels for the three ingredients, so your not wasting your money. >>more about our sunless formulas

The ONLY self tanner on the planet with over 20,000 Documented Testimonials! and backed by a money back guarantee.
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Famous Dave's self tanning products have received glowing worldwide accolades: Cosmo's 10 best list, 5 Star rating from Now Magazine, labeled "favourite" at Marie Claire, TOP 10 in Look Magazine, Daily Mirror's 10/10 score and many more. For over 15 years, Famous Dave's has had a proven record of uncompromised highly rated self tanners that have made even the most skeptical customer a fan of self tanning.

Did you know this about Famous Dave:
Dave has spent over 10 years working with elite plastic surgeons. During that time, he gained a vast knowledge of the Medspa and injectable industry. Among other things, Dave worked with many of the best anti aging, firming, and moisturizing ingredients in the world. These are commonly used in the plastic surgery field, but have never been combined with self tanning formulations. Famous Dave's Trademarked Small Batch Reserve line of products proves his strong desire to incorporate these ingredients in his proprietary formulas. No other tanner on earth can boast of these accomplishments.

Self Tanner For Men and Women
For over 15 years, Famous Dave's self tanners have been formulated and manufactured not just for women, but for men as well.  In fact, it was initially formulated for the male body building industry. Famous Dave"s has stayed away from perfumes, floral, and powdery scents that most other self tanning brands use. Our tanners will not smell like make-up. Most Famous Dave's self tanners have no added fragrance. And don't forget all of our products are presented in our beautiful high quality unisex bottles. Best Self Tanners For Men


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20,000 testimonials!

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 What makes our self tanner different?

Rich emollients of natural and organic ingredients: AloeVera, Sesame, Argan Oil, Hyaluronan, CoEnzyme Q10, Matrixyl 3000, Jojoba and Fragrance-free!
Does not contain frequently used self tanner ingredients that cause skin to turn orange in color.
>>more about our formulas
Dries to the touch almost can get dressed within 5 minutes of applying your tanner.
Smooth, even, golden, streak-free tan results.
Gives you the most natural looking sun tan glow you will ever have from a bottle! GUARANTEED!
Famous Dave's Self Tanner can be used year-round to give the most natural looking sun tan you will ever have from a bottle!

All DHA used in our self tanners are
100% Vegetarian and Ecocert Approved


I  love  this stuff,  No  yucky   smell

 What a product!  Best I ever used!

This product is amazing, No Streaks

Lasts a long time and looks natural

This  actually  makes  you   BROWN

Thrown out  my other self  tanners

A perfect tan, I am so impressed!

What is Famous Dave's
all about?

For over 15 years, Famous Dave's Tanner has been the only self tanner on the market with 20,000+ documented reviews! We've been working non-stop fine-tuning our self tanning products until we've reached what we firmly believe is the  best self tanner you can buy in a bottle. In fact, the best Self Tanning lotion you will ever try! Take a look at the 20,000+ customer testimonials we've built up over the years. We also sell to medspas, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, airbrush tanning technicians, fitness competitors, and models all over the world.

Most of Famous Dave's Tanner's are fragrance-free. They can be used year-round to give the most natural looking sun tan you will ever have from a bottle! Our tanners also complements your existing tan by deepening and evening out your skin tones. And because our self tanners are loaded with natural lubricants and moisturizers, you will experience smooth, even rub in.

This is backed further by the thousands of loyal customer ratings we have, who re-order their self tanning products regularly from us! Famous Dave's products have never been tested on animals and never will.

Famous Dave's Tanner helps you feel
, sexy, and confident!

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"Famous Dave's Moisture Tan - it's funky,
fast and fragrance-free"


"works like magic to tan your skin the same shade it would become in the sun"
Marie Claire

"Famous Dave's Tanner is a cult
self-tan product in America"
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